American Public Media: Marketplace (May 2015-Present)

Production Internship (full time 40+ hours weekly)

Pitch produce and edit stories for broadcast on the daily broadcast of Marketplace.

Ensure that all audio stories are ready for broadcast.

Write daily DACS to inform member stations about the show.

Assist in all area of production.

NPR: Weekend All Things Considered (Jan. 2015-May 2015)

Producer Internship (Full time, 40 hours weekly)

Booked such guests as Neil Gaiman, G. Willow Wilson and Richard Shelton

Report on stories for NPR’s weekly news magazine, Weekend All Things Considered.

Worked closely with show host Arun Rath to research stories and write pass-offs.

Responsible for contacting sources and scheduling interviews.

Edit together pieces on NPR’s Multi-Track Editor program.

Assist in all areas of production as needed, including double-checking cover sheets, rewriting piece introductions and following up on leads for other stories.

Pitch stories on a weekly basis for the show.

Shadowed WATC staff to understand how the show is directed live from Culver City.

Frequently tasked with multiple projects at the same time under deadline.

NPR: Bullseye with Jesse Thorn (Sept. 2014-Dec. 2014)

Production Internship.

Posted every new episode to podcast feeds.

Credited on each episode to an audience of 80,000+.

Wrote the blog post for nearly every episode since starting.

Helped organize a live episode of the show by coordinating guests and preparing stage for the show.

Produced “Best Comedy of 2014 Special” episode.

Produced a “Song that Changed my Life” segment featuring Samuel T. Herring from the band Future Islands.

News Assistant for 89.3 KPCC

Assisted with writing and developing stories for the Southern California Public Radio station 89.3 KPCC.

On-air personality and sports color commentator for 107.9 Leo FM, University of La Verne Aug. 2011- May 2013

Sole operator audio console during live air slot, including CD player, carts, cassette deck, mini disc and Master Control Computer System.

Produced commercial spots and PSA’s for products and resources including concerts, campus safety, technology and student resources

Participated in live, on-location contests, spots and give aways.


Associate Editor: Campus Times, University of La Verne Aug. 2011- Dec. 2011.

Reporter and Editor for the campus newspaper with responsibilities including interviewing, writing and editing of stories from the school and the surrounding communities. Assisted editors in all departments by reviewing stories for and attending additional duties as deemed necessary to ensure timely publication and distribution of newspaper.


Staff Writer: La Verne Magazine, University of La Verne  Feb. 2013-June 2013, Feb 2014- June 2014.

Wrote a detailed article covering one of the university’s professors obsession and distaste of one of the most prevalent symbols on campus.  Assisted with print, layout, and publishing of the campus magazine


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