Published Articles

Julian Burrell’s first love was  the written word. Everything about the process of finding and writing stories appeals to him from the interview, to the digging, to the writing, editing and publishing.  His favorite stories are those that focus on people and their passions. He believes that everyone has a unique perspective to share with the world and considers it an honor and a privilege to be the one who shares that perspective with the world.


“California Supreme Court Justice Kennard Talks Adversity, Gratitude”

Photo Courtesy Paul Sakuma/AP

Joyce L Kennard is California’s longest sitting Supreme Court Justice. Here she discusses her life that led her to her career in law, the difficulties she faced and her feelings on her imminent retirement.

La Verne Magazine

“Paint, Passion and Teaching”

Photo courtesy of Katie Careaga

Doctor Jay Jones is one of the most knowledgable and respected professors on the campus of the University of La Verne. The Rock is a beloved  campus landmark by students. Dr. Jones believes that the popular act of painting The Rock is an inappropriate environmental message for the university to send despite student protests to the contrary.

Campus Times

“Tittle Braves the Waters of Theatrical Spotlight”

Student Jake Tittle is spotlighted as he discusses his goals for his future as a drama student and a diver.

Campus Times

“Hayes Hopes to Run his way to National Stage”

Student Bryan Hayes is spotlighted. He talks about his goals to compete on the national level for Cross Country running.

Campus Times

“Biggers Rushes Big, LV Loses Bigger”

Photo courtesy of Celine Dehban

Running bac Matthew Biggers rushes for a school record despite the University of La Verne losing on the day.


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