Award-Winning Author Carl Phillips on his latest work, ‘Reconnaissance’

For Carl Phillips, Poetry Is Experience Transformed — Not Transcribed

Phillips is a really brilliant poet. He’s also biracial and gay. In other words, he’s the sort of poet that you want to ascribe political values to his work.

That inherent thought from readers- that an authors work is a direct transcription of his life- is something that he rejects.

Phillips had a lot of really interesting thoughts about his work and how his readers have reacted to his poetic themes changing over the course of his career.

Production and audio editing by me.

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Julian Burrell is a multimedia reporter and journalist specializing in radio and magazine writing. He has had a passion for finding and reporting stories for years. His favorite part of being a journalist is the thrill of speaking with strangers and finding out their stories and being able to shape them for the public eye. He also enjoys speaking on the radio as host for subjects varying from news to contemporary hit radio stations. This interest stems from him growing up listening to public radio and podcasts and wanting to emulate the style of the people he was listening.

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