I’m a radio-broadcast journalist who tries to find the human connection in every story that I produce. Since graduating from the University of La Verne with a BA in journalism I’ve translated my education into my fledgling career as a journalist and producer.

At my full-time production assistant internship with American Public Media’s Marketplace, I pitched, produced and edited audio pieces for an audience of 12 million listeners.

This position came as a result of a similar internship that held with NPR West in Culver City where I was produced content, for the weekly news magazine Weekend All Things Considered. My editor Steve Lickteig said that my goal should be to make him forget that I was an intern. I reciprocated this incentive by constantly putting out unique content and fulfilling the duties of other team members.

KPCC was my first professional work in the business of broadcast journalism and public radio. I produced and edited daily news briefs for All Things Considered, in my efforts to go above my job description. I worked for senior news producer Rob Strauss in an assistant news production internship. In this position I learned a lot about the inner workings of radio and gained valuable professional newsroom experience.

My time at KPCC eventually led me to an internship with the independently produced NPR program, Bullseye with Jesse Thorn where I performed PA duties and produced the Best Comedy of 2014 Special at the end of December as well as a Song That Changed My Life piece that aired in May.

I am now back at KPCC for the foreseeable future as a fill-in producer for Take Two and AirTalk.





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